Highlights of the 2020 Southern Regional Meeting| Volume 360, ISSUE 1, P82, July 2020

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Southern Society for Clinical Investigation Founders’ Medal Award History

        On October 5, 1946, representatives from 19 southern medical schools met in New Orleans to organize the formation of a regional society of clinical investigators. The new organization, named the Southern Society for Clinical Research (later changed to the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation), held its first meeting at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans on January 25, 1947. A total of 50 selected “Founders” attended, 18 abstracts were presented, and Tinsley Harrison was named the organization's first President. Since 1973, the Society has formally awarded the Founders’ Medal to an individual who is a member of the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation. He/she should have (1) played an important role in the Southern Society for Clinical Investigation, both through participation in the annual meeting and in providing leadership for the growth of the Society, (2) been recognized nationally as a leader in medicine and (3) been recognized as a leader in his/her institution. We congratulate this year's winner, James C. Oates, as his name is added to this prestigious list of scientists who have come before him as recipients of this award.


        1973 Eugene A. Stead, Jr.
        1974 Tinsley Harrison
        1975 Donald W. Seldin
        1976 George E. Burch
        1977 Grant W. Liddle
        1978 James B. Wynegaarden
        1979 Arthur C. Guyton
        1980 Rudolph H. Kampmeir
        1981 Paul B. Beeson
        1982 John A. Oates
        1983 Jean D. Wilson
        1984 Henry D. McIntosh
        1985 Edward W. Hook
        1986 William J. Harrington
        1987 Peter O. Kohler
        1988 Gerald S. Berenson
        1989 Harper Hellums
        1990 Jay H. Stein
        1991 Manuel Martinez-Maldonado
        1992 Daniel W. Foster
        1993 James A. Pittman
        1994 Andrew H. Kang
        1995 Suzanne Oparil
        1996 Neil A. Kurtzman
        1997 Harold J. Fallon
        1998 Sanford B. Krantz
        1999 Juha P. Kokko
        2000 Martin H. Steinberg
        2001 Donald M. Miller
        2002 James B. Dale
        2003 Jules B. Puschett
        2004 J. Claude Bennett
        2005 Richard D. deShazo
        2006 Kent A. Kirchner
        2007 David W. Ploth
        2008 Charles V. Sanders
        2009 Richard W. McCallum
        2010 Solomon S. Solomon
        2011 Michael S. Bronze
        2012 Karl T. Weber
        2013 L. Lee Hamm
        2014 Jesse Roman
        2015 Monica M. Farley
        2016 Robert T. Means, Jr.
        2017 David M. Guidot, MD
        2018 Daniel Villarreal
        2019 M.A. “Tonette” Krousel-Wood
        2020 James C. Oates